Video Gallery

Beautiful Solutions to Water Pollution!

Installing Rain Gardens to Reduce Runoff 
- 6:17 minute video, produced by the RainScaping Campaign. 
Volunteers install a simple home rain garden to capture roof runoff.


It's Raining Rain Barrels!...How to Install a Rain Barrel
- 2:26 minute video, produced by the RainScaping Campaign.  
Volunteers demonstrate how easy it is to install rain barrels.  


Rain Barrel Installation
 - 5:11 minute video, produced by the Chesapeake Bay Program.
Steve Barry shows us how easy it is to install a Rain Barrel next to your home.


Stormwater Restoration Project - 9:21 minute video, produced by the Alliance for Sustainable Communities.
A regenerative stormwater system was installed in the community of Manhattan Beach to reduce polluted runoff entering the Magothy River. Manhattan Beach is a residential community on the Magothy River, off Route 2 in Severna Park, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.


RainScaping at the Chesapeake Ecology Center
- 5:06 minute video, produced by Maryland Public Television.
CEC volunteers, Master Gardeners, and Greenskeeper Environmental work with Adams Academy Middle School students.
The 10-acre Adams Academy/CEC campus in Annapolis, Maryland has 30 Native Plant Demonstration Gardens and Sites.