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Highlights from your local RainScaping Campaign

The RainScaping Campaign--an Environmental Partnership for Stormwater Runoff Solutions--has over 50 partners
, all with a common purpose of improving the health of our tributaries and the Chesapeake Bay by motivating a critical mass of residents to make RainScaping the norm in Anne Arundel County. Collectively, we can make RainScaping happen!

PSAs/Ads, in a variety of media, and educational programs
target urban and suburban landowners that understand the importance of rainscaping, but may need help to start rainscaping on their own. Through the efforts of the RainScaping Campaign, residents are encouraged to actively participate in rainscaping activities which result in reduced pesticide and fertilizer use, better management of pet waste and trash, and the installation of rain gardens, rain barrels, native trees and shrubs, and other "Beautiful Solutions to Water Pollution!"

* RainScaping Campaign's 30-second PSA, airing on Anne Arundel County's Public Access Channel.

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